About CareBanking

CareBanks Build and Strengthen Local Communities By Catalyzing & Supporting Community Based Collaboration To Support Seniors

CareBanks help bridge the rapidly growing gap between seniors’ support needs as they age-in-community’ & limited Local, State, Federal support for senior social service programs

The CareBanks initiative builds on Time Banks Institute’s 25+ years experience creating ‘social capital’ using local currency called ‘Time Dollars’ ( called ‘TimeCredits’ in the UK ) to help build & strengthen local communities in 40 States and 34 Countries overseas. See Twitter #timebanking

CareBanks use local generated currencies to provide such elder support services as:

  • Respite for stressed family caregivers
  • Visiting elderly to minimize social isolation
  • Reminding to take prescribed medications as prescribed
  • Transportation to doctor & pharmacy
  • Transportation to grocery
  • Transportation to community based social activities
  • Help with light home maintenance, cleaning, etc.
  • Examples of services sought/offered by a NYC Carebank listed here
  • CareBanks Promote & Increase
      • Informal services that traditional circle of giving & receiving provide a community
      • Sustainable, trusted ways for seniors to contribute to their own care & welfare of their communities through senior’s own volunteer efforts

CareBanks is a project of the TimeBanks Institute, a 501-(c)(3) non profit organization based in Washington, DC.